L'angolo della preghiera


My Lord, light of the world, you,
that revealed your wisdom
in the foolishness of the Holy Cross
and disclose the immensity of Your love
in the mystery of the Eucharist,
you filled
Saint Francesco Spinelli’s heart
with the Holy Ghost’s rich gifts;
going through the way of the Holy Cross
he joined a fervent love for You,
present in the Eucharist,
and a keen predilection
for the poorest brothers.
Now we beg you with all humility:
grant us the grace we trustfully
entreat through his intercession,
and see that, following his example,
we can live with Him
in the blessedness of Your kingdom.

IMPRIMATUR: Cremona, 21 June 1992 Mons. Franco Voltini, Vicario Generale

For graces received, please to address to: Suore Adoratrici del SS. Sacramento
26027 Rivolta d’Adda (CR) – Italy


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